domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Thugoon Skull Necklace

Ceremonial Thugoon Skull Necklace

Perfect to look badass! Original scripts, frequently used on Joey's art, that's the native tongue and writing of the Thugoon culture.

Time to explain a little bit about the Thugoons.

In case that you wonder, hey! what is a Thugoon? Is a fictional race created by Joey, they are not only monsters but various creatures including Man among other species, they all are governed by the same language and codes [Aesillion] , of course there are always the bad guys and the good ones, the good guys call themselves 'Wataggies' the 'Lost warrior' is one of them [check the drawings below], the 'Bad Lizard, opposite to 'Lost Warrior', he is indeed a Thugoon, that despicable race that wants control, power and the whole planet's energy, really evil motherfuckers, the most distinguishable symbol of the Aesillion is the circle with a dot in the middle, that means 'Power'.


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