lunes, 26 de julio de 2010


Hi everyone, i just finished Pestilentia!!!

I hope you like it!!! I really enjoyed too much sculpting and painting it!!!!!!

I will be open for commissions very soon! Please leave your comments and messages!!!! Cheers!

Here's the old and the new Pestilentia


jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Pestilentia V.2 w.i.p

The latest sculpt I'm working on... More coming soon!


lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Terror from outer space

''Terror From Outer Space''

First I want to tell you that I got inspired by horror and sci-fi, so, I wanted to mix this two awesome genres in one piece, let me tell you that while I was sculpting it I was creating a back story for this piece (I like when a drawing or sculpting can tell a good story, I find this very fun and entertaining) so, I first thought a story about a guy being melted by some mysterious acid liquid, (as you can see, the flesh is burned, he has lost the eye lids, lips and some flesh), but then my mind started messing around with aliens, so i decided to make alien arms that were pulling this melted guy down, clearly, the guy is almost dead, in fact he looks like a zombie, some guts are falling off and the acid keep going through flesh until the guy slowly turn into alien food…

So, this is a very short description of what I was thinking about while sculpting this poor guy…

A group of scientist in quest for the cure of a dangerous disease that is taking every life on earth discovers that the answer lies in an unknown mineral that only can be found outer space, through their journey they will discover they are not alone, a mysterious and highly dangerous creatures are after them, taking down one by one, eating their flesh…

(the creatures release some kind of acid that can dissolve flesh and even bones, turning them into a gory material that can be easily digest by this flesh eater aliens )

I maybe do more things about this story, I really hope you like it!!!