viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Death Metal Illustrations!!!!

Metal Bands!!!
Are you going to release a cd and you have no cover?
Do you want something sadistic and disgusting???
Or just something great for your cd????

I'm offering you illustration works for your cd cover, each design is unique and original!!!
The price has to be negotiated, it depends on what am I going to do for you, ask for prices or make an interesting deal for me, just let me know what do you want, some ideas or something and that's it!
This, of course, will take me some time to finish it, it can be as much detailed as you want or simple but brutal!

Here are some examples below:

Contact me:

Joey Sanchez



martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Bitias Artwork

Hoy tengo el placer de compartirles el trabajo de una gran artista, fotografa, diseñadora gráfica y por supuesto, excelente amiga. Andrea Meléndez (Bitias), cuyo trabajo es oscuro, sí, pero sin lugar a dudas hermoso y macabro a la vez, simplemente impresionante. Su trabajo de fotomanipulación es simplemente impecable y poderoso, me tomaría una eternidad describir su maravilloso trabajo.

Pueden observar sus trabajos aquí:

Su excelente trabajo:
Today it's my pleasure to share with you the work of a great artist, photographer, graphic designer and of course and excellent friend. Andrea Meléndez (Bitias), her work is obscure, yes, but definitely beautiful and macabre at the same time, is just impressive. Her photomanipulation work is impeccable and powerful, it will took me forever describing her wonderful work.

You can watch her works here:

Her excellent work:

Giver her a watch, people!!!!

if you want to contact her:

She is just amazing!

Hechenle una mirada, gente!!!

Si quieres contactarla:

Ella es simplemente genial!

Gracias Bitias por dejarme publicar tu maravilloso arte, te deseo la mejor de las suertes amiga mía! Un fuerte abrazo!


sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010


Months ago a friend of mine got arrested, he didn't do anything but they didn't give a shit, this is fucked up...

This is for him

Done with markers then Photoshop...


miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010