viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Alternate CD cover artwork

Yep, this is another artwork for my new cd, I think this looks great...


Funny Self Portrait

domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

New art for the upcoming Chainsaw cd 'Under A Pale Sun Cadavers Rot'

Yep, we are about to release our second material named 'Under A Pale Sun Cadavers Rot' it will be released sometime in 2010, we have recorded already drums, bass and all the guitars, we just need to record the vocals and it will be ready very soon! A video will be uploaded as a 'trailer', you will be able to listen a little bit of each song very soon!

From left to right: Many: Guitars/ Angélica: Bass/Pete: Vocals/ Dannov: Lead Guitars/ Joey: Drums/ Andros: Vocals

Photo taken by Isabel Farias PinkSkull
Photo edited by JoeyCreations
Art created by JoeyCreations


viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010